Cassandra DeFreitas

Cassandra DeFreitas In Cassandra’s Own Words:     In my first year of university I decided that I wanted to get involved in school clubs and find out what I was truly passionate about, as there were not many opportunities to do so in my home town. Entering my first year of social work, I knew […]

Roshni Khemraj

Roshni Khemraj In Roshni’s Own Words:      I got involved with Amnesty in my first year at York University. I remember walking past the Amnesty International at York (AIY) table in the major hub of campus several times and often pausing to sign a petition, hear more about their current campaigns and events and chat […]

Feerass Ellid

Feerass Ellid In Feerass’ Own Words: I have been learning about human rights since I was a young child and continued to develop my knowledge while in university as a drama student. Many of the plays I studied were concerned with the humanity of people, often depicted against a political backdrop marred by human rights […]

Corey Smith

Corey Smith In Corey’s Own Words: I was inspired to become involved Amnesty International after attending the protests at the Toronto G20 conference in the summer of 2010. At these protests, I witnessed the violation of civil and human rights that occurred on that day. When a violation like that can happen in a country […]

Nisa Aliyeva

Nisa Aliyeva In Nisa’s Own Words: I am a first-year student at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus, with a great passion for human rights. My interest in Amnesty International and community involvement was inspired by my mother. She worked with the UNHCR for many years and would bring home stories about refugees and […]

Maha Asad

Maha Asad Youth Leader, National Youth Advisory and Action Committee, AI Canada In Maha’s words: I first found Amnesty International through an online posting for a youth council in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I was 15, had never heard of AI before, and was just looking for a worthwhile place to get my volunteer […]

Sharmila Setaram

Sharmila Setaram Super human rights activist I first met Sharmila at the 2000 AI Annual General Meeting during an icebreaker which she attended as a youth delegate. She made an impression on me immediately with her wonderful smile and friendly demeanour. Since that time, I have had the privilege of working Sharmila in the Fieldworker […]

Shayan Edalati

Shayan Edalati The kind of person you want to have in your team Shayan faithfully showed up at the AI Toronto Iran Action Circle meetings from the beginning in 2010. In July 2010 he volunteered to be secretary for the group. It was great. I’m always delighted when someone willingly volunteers to take on a […]

Ellen Shifrin

Ellen Shifrin A sense of social justice Every volunteer organization needs to have cornerstones: key volunteers who are instrumental in shaping volunteerism within the organization, who work tirelessly to support the goals of the organization and who provide leadership in critical areas. Ellen Shifrin is one of our long-standing cornerstones for Amnesty International in the […]

Duncan Garrow

Duncan Garrow Thoughtful reflections and hands-on support I don’t remember when I first met Duncan. I have a vague memory of him hanging out during coffee time at Church of the Redeemer in downtown Toronto. I know for sure that when Amnesty International member Susanna Jacobs suggested we start an Amnesty Action Circle at Redeemer, […]